Why Should We Be Moral?


Morality refers to the most vital code of conduct set and recognized by a society and accepted by the people of that society. It also entails a structure of behavior regarding the standards of being right or wrong. Morality involves the concept of moral standards which regards the behavior of people, moral responsibility which refers to their conscience and moral identity meaning one who is capable of doing right or wrong (Harris, 2018). It describes the values that govern people’s behavior such that without these values’ society cannot survive well. Morality affects the decisions of the people daily. Where they decide for themselves where the conscience originated. Most of the people believes that conscience is a matter of their hearts, programming the concepts of rights and wrongs differently. We should be moral, so as to live in peace and harmony in the society without conflicts arising among people. This discussion therefore focuses on the importance of moral values, morality and its applications and finally morality, law and religion.

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Moral values are very important in life. This is because they help people to distinguish between good and bad. This hence affect their decisions in doing what is right or wrong. These values reflect the character and spirituality of a person. They also help in building admirable relationships in personal and also in professional lives. Moral values include: firstly, is the honesty. In this, every person is encouraged to maintain honesty in all aspects. All people are supposed to remain honest to each other at all times. Secondly, it is maintaining justice. People are supposed to practice fairly to each other without discrimination. This eliminates discriminating people according to their status for example old and young, poor and the rich, and also according to race. When all people are treated fairly, they feel equal and have a sense of belonging. Lack of justice promotes fight among people and consequently lack of peace among them.

Thirdly, is the value of respect. This is vital in all circumstances and promotes unity among the people. Young children also are taught of respecting the old and everyone in the society. When people live in respecting each other, they live and work together peacefully and in harmony. This hence help in building and strengthening their relationships. Fourthly, is patience. Everyone should be patient with each other, forgiving at all times while controlling the anger that leads to conflict. Fifthly, is the keeping integrity and loyalty while they live with each other. Lastly, is being responsible to people and also to the environment while maintaining hard work all day. All these values are important in the society since people live calmly while upholding them.

Morality and its applications

Morality can be applied to different areas. The first one is the religion. In this, morality is determined by the relationship between the human being and the supernatural being. What people believe about creation affect their moral thinking and behavior (Hausman,2016). Also, they behave according to what their religion dictates regarding the action as right or wrong. If they tend to do contrary to the teachings of their religion pertaining that behavior they are regarded as lacking good morals. The second one is the nature. This is determining molarity by the relation between the nature and human being. This reflect how human reacts to the nature. Some people are careless while handling physical properties given freely by the nature. For example, if they do not maintain the environment they are living in, they are said to lack morals. Therefore, this encourages them to handle properly everything the nature gives including rivers and trees.

The third one is the individuality. This is where morality is determined by the relation the individual has to himself or herself. Human beings have principles that guides them on what to do or not. Sometimes, they go against them willingly or unwillingly and hence affected later. Also, they tend to engage themselves in an illegal behavior which can bring harm to their bodies. This hence brings the issue of lack of good morals. A good example is when they indulge in drug abuse where its known that the behavior is not accepted by the society and also it affects their health as well. This hence calls for people to maintain good morals so as not to bring harm even to themselves.

The last one is the society. This is where molarity is determined by relation between the society and the human. Basically, the society guides the behavior of its people and ensure that they adhere to the set cultural values and regulations which are acceptable. These values bring them together and helps in controlling people’s behaviors. At times, people behave against these societal values and hence are said to be lacking of morals. For example, when one member become a thief is said to have bad morals and he or she becomes liable for punishment. This is because stealing behavior is not acceptable in the society and it is an act that deprives peace and harmony of the people. People therefore are encouraged to avoid any behavior that can destroy the peace and unity of a society.

Morality, law and religion

There are connections between morality, law and religion and sometimes they appear confusing. Morality and law are different even though they overlap. Law is regarded as a public categorization of morality for a nation or a culture. Even though certain laws in that classification or still the system itself may be sometimes be considered immoral. For example, apartheid. This is where law is not necessary a trait of morality but morality may be a necessary quality of law. On the other hand, molarity and religion are also connected although morality cannot be based entirely on religion due to some reasons. First, it’s because it has not been possible to prove super natural existence. Second, even the non-religious persons can be moral. This happens very much in the society (Yudkin,2019). Third, it has been difficult to know which religion is doing best in ethics. Fourth, there have been a challenge to identify which religion is best to follow. Lastly, it has been difficult to establish religious foundation for morals. There are no necessary connections therefore between morals and religion.


Morality describes the values that govern people’s behavior.  Morality affects the decisions of the people daily since they decide to do right or wrong. People should maintain moral values including: respect, integrity, honesty and patience so as to lead good and happy life. People should be moral because of the enlightened self -interest. This is the decision to do right so as to be a good person, responsible and better in the society.  Also, they should do what is right so as to adhere to laws and traditions so as not to break any. They also should be moral because they have shared human needs, goals, wishes and aims. When they maintain good morals, they live in peace and harmony in the society without conflicts arising among them.


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