Remediation of Technology for Media Essay

Krishna Cahanoo



Remediation project- Zombie Apocalypse- Curtin University


In your own words, briefly describe the process of remediating your text

I began by selecting and using my favorite hobby which is playing video games.

I chose a gameplay and part of “Last of Us” on the PS3 system and as it is a horror game and opted for a creepy music which is “Sweet Dreams” by Marylyn Manson.

I used a simple and easy editor which is “Microsoft Movie Maker” to edit the gameplay chosen, creating effects/music and animations. I have an experience over using the editor as I’m used to create videos and familiar with it. Aster inserting the music file, I added some animations and edited the original voice of the main character (the man) and inserted subtitles to describe his movements and actions.

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I’ve encountered some problems while editing and saving the video as it was quite a large Format (Full HD), for a result I had to convert and compress the file into an Mp4 format which really made it easier. Another issue was when creating subtitles I had to choose a visible font and color as the video itself is a dark concept.

The biggest challenged I faced was to look for the perfect music, before choosing “sweet dreams’ by Marylyn Manson, I tried with many other, this took time every time I had to insert and edit a music file. This project took me a long time to do and thanks to it I’ve gained knowledge of copyrights and to further improve my understanding.

Finally, I uploaded my remediated work via you tube and also shared it to my Facebook page.

In what ways does your remediated text demonstrate an understanding of how remediation impacts on the contemporary media environment?

To my understanding innovation and new resources proceeds to the leading role through the concept of remediation. If we consider my own remediated work that I made, it required heavy use of new resources and technology, those are different software’s & applications which all forms part of a new technology. In other words nowadays a remediated work or concept is more likely to be created and made through the contribution of new and efficient media identities.

What’s more is that in today’s era an audience have grown into creators and distributors compared to long ago an audience were only regarded as consumers. The new media environment somehow turned each and every one of us with the capability and skills to generate, share and having access to media, thus this make us a “Participatory culture”

(Botler & Grusin, 2012)

Referring to the music by Marylyn Manson “Sweet Dreams” if we compare the remediated project to the original one, there were a significant change in their original conception. A huge gap of difference is to be noted like the original music was released in the late 1990’s and at that time there were no Mp3’s or devices thus the music could only be played through audio CD. Now thanks to technology I converted the audio CD into an easier format which is accessible everywhere that is the MP3. In my remediated project those changes are superficial through the production and editing, thus the most noticeable modification would be use of technology.

What key themes and/or concepts covered in the unit do you think are raised by your remediation? Why/How?

In this unit of Engaging Media 104, the key concepts covered through my remediation are the different concepts of this unit, those are of ‘New Media’, ‘Participatory Culture’, ‘The Fair use’, ‘Copyright’ and ‘Media Convergence’.

The approach my remediated work reflects those concepts are in diverse ways. Through the conception of “New Media”, for my project I used different practices of “New Media”. Those are the access to the internet and using the latest software on a laptop to create my remediation work.

From using “Media Convergence”, with the mixture of a music form artist Marylyn Manson and using the gameplay video of the game “Last Of us”, animations and subtitles which I mixed to generate the remediated concept.

Referring to another approach which is the “Participatory Culture”, my remediated project made me not only an audience member or public but turned me into a creator and producer.

The notions of “Copyright” and “Fair Use” were reproduced in my remediated work in the video description. I’ve mentioned use for an academic use and also mentioned and gave credit to the original owners which is Sony Computer Entertainment and Marylyn Manson on the description figure.

My remediation work reflect a different approach from the original gameplay of “Last of Us” as I’ve describe it with different captions and added a music effect.

To conclude, my remediated work followed and amplified the trend of new media and also traditional media. In the case of new media I’ve used an audio CD of the music “Sweet Dreams” which is now considered as a traditional media and turned it into a new format to be able to use it in my remediation work.

(Botler & Grusin, 2012)


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104 Engaging Media – Assignment 2: Remediation Project Marking Rubric

This assignment will be marked according to how well it:

  • Demonstrates an understanding of the shifts in production, consumption and distribution in a new media environment
  • effectively engages an audience, working appropriately within the medium chosen
  • displays evidence of research and planning in terms of remediation and written component
  • Links remediation to unit themes and concepts

1. process (Remediation & written component)

F Does not display understanding of concept or process of remediation; fails to engage adequately with remediation task and/or provide sufficient supporting written material;
P Shows some understanding of process of remediated texts; may contain significant factual or conceptual errors, or misconceptions in terms of producers and/or audiences
C Shows an understanding of the basic ideas and information involved in remediation; awareness of connections between remediated text and process of production and reception; may have some factual, interpretive, or conceptual errors
D Engaging, original and/or innovative remediation; displays good understanding of remediation and relation to production/consumption processes; goes beyond the obvious; may contain minor conceptual / factual errors
HD Sophisticated interpretive and conceptual approach; excellent understanding of factors involved in production and reception of remediated texts, demonstrated in both creative and written component;

2. Presentation (Remediation)

F fails to engage the audience; no attempt to produce interesting or original content; and / or fails to re-present original text in a new media
P Some attempts to engage audience; partially successful in remediating from one form to another, may show limited or poor use of the media format chosen
C Successfully remediates/remixes text in new form; Good attempt at engaging audience, working appropriately within the medium chosen; suggests some awareness of the target / appropriate audience
D Remediation is engaging, original and/or imaginative; demonstrates good understanding of the medium used for presentation; shows awareness of audience;
HD Highly engaging, imaginative and/or innovative remediation; Appropriate use of format and presentation demonstrates sophisticated understanding of the medium and audience; contains original ideas and or approaches

3. Research & planning (Remediation & written component)

F Fails to display evidence of adequate research or planning for remediation and written component; bibliography inadequate; little or no supporting sources cited; fails to identify key groups involved in remediation.
P displays some evidence of research and planning; some research conducted for written component, includes at least some relevant sources; Identifies some key groups involved in remediation; bibliographic information may be inadequate and/or is incorrectly referenced
C Project informed by competent planning and research; written component mostly well-researched and supported by appropriate references; identifies most key players in remediation process; bibliographic information mostly correct
D Project supported by appropriate research and planning; very good use of sources; detailed identification of key groups suggesting independent research; mostly adheres to bibliographic style
HD Evidence of extensive research and planning; displays evidence of independent research and / or insightful analysis in identifying key groups; excellent use o sources; adheres correctly to APA style

4. concepts (written component)

F does not display related understanding of course themes and concepts; Fails to link remediation to broader issues
P level of engagement suggests lack of understanding of unit material and concepts;
C Good attempt to link remediation to some of the themes, issues and concepts of the unit
D Clearly identifies and connects broader unit themes, issues and concepts to the remediation
HD Highly insightful analysis of the remediation in terms of unit themes, issues and concepts


Final Grade: /30



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