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Today, various medias have portrayed racist violence in different ways. Racial violence is a way of attacking or abusing one because of his or her identity. For example, imagine walking down a street and an individual of another color attacks you. How would you feel? Is it just pure violence? What would you have done to prevent this? Or perhaps the attack has taken place because of your own color. Medias such as movies, books, or songs, have been widely portrayed to identify the uses of racist violence. Such medias in this analysis includes a movie, “Do The Right Thing” directed by Spike Lee, a current national news report of “The Shooting of Sean Bell”, and a CBS program about the gruesome murder of Emmett Till. When racial violence occurs, individuals do take action to glorify the meaning of racial brutality to support and seriously be concerned for any violence in his or her society.

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The first media, “Do the Right Thing” is a movie written by Spike Lee. The main character in the film is Mookie, a young man who lives with his sister and works as a pizza delivery man for the local Sal’s Pizzeria. Sal, an Italian pizzeria owner has the shop for decades and has the respect for his customers. The story takes place in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, a black neighborhood well known for racial disputes in the plot. Some racial disputes involves with the Koreans and the three unemployed African Americans sitting by the sidewalk. These men dislike the Korean man because of his shop. Moreover, Sal and his sons are thrown off by the boycott from Buggin’ Out, and Radio Raheem. Until one day, Buggin’ Out and Radio Raheem stepped into the store and began taunting at Sal. Radio Raheem had turned his radio to the highest volume, until an angry Sal, took his bat and destroyed the radio. Soon the two men and the brothers began fighting. The fight spills onto the streets. Moments after the fight began, Mookie grabs a garbage can, screaming “HATE”, slings it through the windows of Sal’s. A large crowd of onlookers surrounded the area. Upon entering the store, Smiley starts a fire. The building soon burn down and Sal was out of business.

In this story, there were a lot of racial attention between the African Americans and the Italians. Also, marked by the racial violence, the Koreans were also attacked with harsh discrimination. Nevertheless, we see that the impact of the racial violence affected many people. Mookie realizes how he and his fellow African Americans were treated unequally. When looking at the arrest, the police killed Radio Raheem. This illustrates an unjustified type of violence by an authority that we trusted. Onlookers from the nearby apartments came by to watch the violence. This attention brought people from around the country. Realizing how this story affects the society of today, Spike Lee indeed wrote this story to illustrate how individuals do take actions for each acts of racial violence.

Furthermore, acts of support were included into the film. For example, while Mookie was talking to his sister, we see that on the wall states, “Tawana told the truth!” This was one of the allusions that were in support of a racial-related violent act. This was referred to a rape scandal that reflected among the African Americans in the nation.

The second media is a newspaper article “The Shooting of Sean Bell”, by Nahal Toosi. On November 30, 2006, Sean Bell and his friends attended a bachelor party at a club in Jamaica, where the three men were shot by undercover police officers. The shooting killed Sean Bell on his wedding day and wounded two of his companions, setting a storm of outrage in New York City and across the nation. As investigators continue to approach this case, family members and relatives of Bell continued to mourn his grieve and sadden lost.

Many people in the city of New York are justifiably angered by this tragedy. Clearly, this tragedy marked a serious of problems within the police department. Citizens around the city gathered together to protest the racial brutally committed by the police department. For example, the leading African American supporters Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson led protests and engage in talks within the society to bring greater support involving the racial violent brutalities. At one point, Sharpton states how that justice must be serve, and ask questions that contradicts the cases. He also questions how the police completed 50 shots to kill a young man who was just going to be married and unarmed. Individuals gather at a Town Hall Meeting to talk about the murder of Sean Bell. The determined community came together to demand answers that will serve justice to this violent crime. This leads to greater support and shows how this violence affects many individuals, and that one or another can act together and be concerned about this situation.

The third media is a CBS program, called “American Experience: The Murder of Emmett Till.” This program strongly illustrates the gruesome murder of a young black man named grocery store in Money, Mississippi. Emmett Till, a teen from Chicago, didn’t understand that he had broken the unwritten laws of the Jim Crow South until three days later. Then two white men dragged him from his bed in the dead of night, beat him brutally and then shot him in the head.

This violence occurs because of the boy’s race. In the program, the man confessed to the crime. They insisted that they wanted revenge against the boy. It was his fault that this had to happen.

“Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community,” quoted Anthony J. D’ Angelo. After the murder, hundreds and perhaps thousands of mourners arrived at a Chicago funeral home to pay tribute to the young man Emmett Till. This shows how individuals actually care about this tragedy and present national attention. Emmett Till’s mother Mamie opted to have an open casket funeral because she wanted everyone to see what those two men had done to her son. After the citizens of about 600,000 observed the horrific result of the racial crime, men got up who never got up before. Others became more vocal who had never been vocalized before. And the fact that this happened to a child was more extensive. Nevertheless, this act sent a powerful message that lead others to come out and think about what actually happened and how he or she can stepped out to solve it.

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Medias such as books, songs, novels, or TV programs have come together to portray the ideas of racial violence. But it is clear to others that many of the individuals who have seen the results of a racial brutality, have stepped up to be concerned and showed support. Individuals do take action to glorify the meaning of racial brutality to support and seriously be concerned for any violence in his or her society. 7



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