Macbeth Is A Statement Of Evil Philosophy Essay

Shake Spears Macbeths as a story that is obviously a tragedy in the formal sense. A very successful and highly regarded member of society goes from the top of the social gender and gradually losses everything until he has nothing. Goes from a loving wife secure home and so full of promise to decay into nothing. Roman Polanski’s film goes a But to ask if Roman Polanski agrees that Macbeth is a statement of evil is not a simple matter.

At the end of the play, Macbeth is seen to lose everything, hated by all around him, his loving wife dead and he has lost everything. Roman Polanski’s in his film, Shows Macbeth totally and alone isolated from all. Awaiting an army coming to kill him and yet his downfall.

Polanski’s film addresses power, gender and sovereignty and as is claimed in the passage by L.C. Knights, Reader, use excessive violence the nature of the actually play itself requires that this be shown. The most obvious statement of evil in Polanski’s film would be his interpretation of the witches. In the fact that they are most obvious an interpretation of the manifestations of evil in the world (L.C. Knights, Reader, p.119).

Macbeth offered Polanski’s the potential to portray evil, manifested in the witches; they become a permanent feature in the film a manifestation of evil incarnate and a permanent feature in the plot of the film. From the very Beginning the witches are brought into the film on the sea Shaw the witches thus exert their influrances over all. The witches never actually lie to anyone who listens to their words. Instead, they seemed to punish those who listened them. They play on a human’s deepest desire causing them to lose their morels and principles and lose the virtues they normally would have. They make equivocating promises and to those them successfully they give what is wanted. By living up to the promises they made by living up to their promises, they reveal how empty life can become and self-destructive to those who give in to their desires.

In the Macbeth film by Polanski’s, there, are some strong signs of morality as well as explicit references on religion. There is a sense that evil has an objective existence in the film. Therefore, I would like to begin by examining some key questions of Macbeth’s character and was Macbeth evil. Evil.

The first Question was if Polanski’s Macbeth was evil why he was evil: At the start of the film, Macbeth is show as a good honourable man. He very successful and highly regarded member of society goes from the top of the social gender and gradually losses everything until he has nothing. Goes from a loving wife secure home and so full of promise. This followed on the same themes as the original play and when I read and watch they both called up comparable images in the mind.

Then what was it that actually turned him as stated earlier in the essay was it the witches, which tempted him and through suggestions and promises changed him and gradually lead to his decent into madness and evil and eventual Death.

To the Christian mind, Polanski’s interpretation might unease and be unsettling with his vision of evil in the world. If we confine ourselves to the metaphysical questions about good and evil then Macbeth could be seen as a profound religious play.

Maybe this is why Polanski set Macbeth back in medieval times, It was a time in history dominated by strength and force and unforgiving a perfect environment for Macbeth to play out. All the losses of things he faced going from, a great man, to nothing come about because of others it all came about because of his own decisions and choices no one forced him into the actions he took. Any human hand did not manipulate Macbeth the more he tries to understand and cope with the saturation the worse things break down in his life. In addition, Macbeth’s death was the only possible conclusion to the play. No matter what the challenges Macbeth faced the only truth is he destroyed himself through his own actions and choices. This all lead to Polanski extremely effective interpretation of the play

Overall, Polanski extremely effective interpretation of Macbeth shows us Macbeth is a statement of evil. Through all the evil deeds that Macbeth commits that are shown and how his mind so easily accepted destructive guidance. Depending on how you define, evil this play could be easily said to be based around a plot in which they key features are based on evil, The witches implanted the thoughts that lead him in the direction of evil , and then Lady


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