Introduction To The Malaysian Film Industry Media Essay

The Malaysian film industry has always been trying to reach their way to the top in matching the standards of creating a successful movie. Nowadays, we see most people now are much prefers watching foreign movies rather than watching local movies. It is certain that our local films are still way far behind.

The author wills doing research about finding ways to develop local movies. During the researches also will to identify the weaknesses of producing a movie and know how to improve it.


The main objective of this research is to bring out the answer to the question about how to develop of our local movies. So we will know whether the local movies will be more preferable than foreign movies in the future.


The research conduct research via the general public in the form of a questionnaire,

interview, observation and this data will help evaluate whether can locate what is missing in local filmmaking. Four methods were used in collecting data throughout the research. First the author had gathered information through distributing questionnaire to public in Limkokwing University, GSC cinema at Alamanda and also Jaya Jusco near Equine. The reason why the author selected those areas is because the people around there are mostly students, families and working adults which of them are mainly part of the film spectator.

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Target audience

This topic of research is mainly target to young generations to working adults, from the ages from 18 to 50 years old .This research is essentially to understand how the development improves the form of common ways of producing. Also to understand what the target audiences really like, what they know about, and want they would want for local movies to look like.

Primary Research

Interview feedback summary

Questionnaire Feedback Summary

The data has been collected in from questionnaire from different locations within several age and groups for the survey. The author ,distributed questionnaire to 50 respondents. The areas covered were Limkokwing University Library and SMK Cyberjaya, MPH City Square Johor Bharu. The reason why author selected these area because the people around there are mostly people using either digital or print media for educational or information. Another reason is these place are point

people find book and they are come from different background,these area always crowded with all kind of people and with all different age group moving around. Most of all they have time to answer my few questions regarding author concern about which media is more prefer either print or digital on media publications.

1. General Information

4. How many times do you buy newspapers for a week?

The chart shows, the percentage of how many times people buy newspaper for a week, the purpose of this question was to know if people still bought print media or only prefer digital media to find news.48 %only sometimes bought the newspapers, only during weekend.36 % bought newspaper everyday, this group in government workers.16 % not at all bought the newspapers, this group come from student and professionals. The author’s opinion student and professional are the group always online. They’re prefer read online news.

When is the last time you bought a book or a magazine?

The author want to know frequently people bought print media such as a book or a magazine.46% did buy last week. Last month bought print media make 38%.16% did not remember when last time bought print media stuff. They still bought book or a magazine even technology especially internet will got lot information.

In general, what do your prefer subscribe a Digital PDF or buy printed books and magazines?

The author needs to know which media the people prefer now days either

subscribe Digital PDF, buy printed books and magazines or both. Most of

them 44% choose both.30% prefer buy printed books and magazines and 26%

prefer digital PDF such as CD, e-book. Depend on what content they will

bought especially for educational people prefer digital compare

magazine their still like print media.

Do you prefer media (internet, mobile, etc) or print media (newspaper, magazine, etc) for your reading material?

The author discovered which audience prefer for reading material either print media or digital media. The busy life today make 64 % people prefers Digital media, only 36 %t still prefer print media for reading material. The author add, technology also change people read common reading material.

If Digital media, why?

From the survey, why people choose digital media for reading material the author found majority 31 % agreed digital media are an effective, interactive features and updated.22 % choose because an effective,28% because an interactive features attract their choose digital media and 19% because the updated information. Most people choose all features digital media provide because of the feature will help them when using digital media.

If Print media, why?

From the survey, why people choose print media for reading material the author found majority 56% agreed print media because of credibility, loyal readerships and long life span. 22% chosen because of long life span, 11 percent because loyal readerships and long life span.

What are your expectations for the future about print media?

In recent years there has been a growing trend people using digital media.

The author tried to find from this question how their expectation about

print media in future. The 66% expect print media not available in

future. Only 34% still want print media available.

Do a digital media play a part in your everyday life?

The purpose author asked this question to find influenced digital media in their everyday life.82% agree digital media play a part in your everyday life. Communications is important today. Internet and mobile phone almost help in their life, especially deliver information. Only 18% not agree. This part also show a trend of the older group and young group gap.

Nowadays is digital media more effective compare print media. Do you agree?

In above chart 62 % of audience agree digital media more effective compare 16% not agree. Others 22% not sure either digital or print media. In author opinion’s why people agree this statement nowadays because the features of digital media much help people compare print media.

In future, which media will help you better in keeping your daily notes, appointments or reminder?

In daily lives media one medium will help to keeping your daily notes, appointment or reminder. The author looking from the survey, in future 54% people believe digital media will help their more better compare 14% still think print media it better. But 12% want both to help them later in future. This show that there is definitely a trend for digital becoming in future.

Which media do you prefer for sharing information today? You may tick more than one?

The pie cart indicated percentages which media prefer for sharing information,

from the survey 23 percentages using text messaging. Then the author found people using mobile phone and chatting using internet to share information each same percentage is 22.15 percentages using forum to sharing information using discussion in forum. Whereas 11 percentages using email and small percentage 7 using others. More than half from the survey using internet to sharing information. The trends show people now move to digital media.

Self Observation

The author had decided to do observation on what occurs at the cinema. The cinema was at GSC Tropicana City. Upon arrival, the author went straight to the top floor right where the cinema is ­and saw a huge crowd of people lining up their queue to buy tickets and another line was at the snacks counter. A lot of movies that were screening sold very fast could see numbers being reduced until 0. The night was quite packed with people mostly on weekends and it was Saturday that time. The author wouldn’t have to worry because of already booked it earlier from the internet which was much easier than to wait in the line. The GSC has their own website and people can make reservations through online. The cinema looked very stylish now than since it was first opened. The tickets normally priced around RM6-15 according to types of seats and class of cinema.

There are 8 cinema halls here and people can proceed inside the moment the light indicator within each number starts to blink.

Public Observation

When the author asked certain people about any local movies they don’t quite respond fully for what it seems that it’s not really matter to them. They feel of the Malay movies is just trying playing it safe. It is irregular for certain people to go to the cinema just to watch any of the local movies nowadays. As lot people are really willing to see something new and not most of the Malay movies came up with a fulfilling storyline. Sometimes it also doesn’t have the originality anymore for what they’re trying to sell. The acting and the story would be what everyone is always expecting to see. Friends usually tend to spread the news as they watch a trailer. One of the main sources for trailers is YouTube, a useful site to find and watch videos. Eventually everyone nowadays will know what they would like to watch from many source found in the internet.

For finding a place to watch a movie can also be located from the newspapers as it is a daily reading source for information. Show times can be found there and are listed by any nearest local cinemas. People don’t regularly go alone. They think what would be more enjoyable watching movies at the cinema is when they brought along some friends to watch together. It could be a comedy movie, thriller and even action packed movie. But almost all Malaysian people haven’t feel satisfied yet because of not having a lot Malaysian movies produced year by year. I just keep feeling like trying to compete on those foreign movies me and every other people regularly watch. The last time I watch Malay movie at cinema was on the 2008, a movie called Sumolah. I found good acts by the local actors such as Afdlin Shauki, Review on the positive and negative side of the movie. It was a good movie with a lot of effort and budgets that were put. I get to see Malaysian actors speak Japanese if I were not mistaken. They also get the chance to acknowledge the art of Sumo fighting and had a bit of comedy too.

Maybe some of the filmmakers would not likely take a bigger risk that is why the

production of a movie for each year becomes slower. Anyways, I am certain that we are still in progress of building up and I’m sure one day we can all be proud to see greater screening from our own Malaysian itself in time.

Literature Review


In this stage, the author will cover secondary research from books and internet. Lately the technologies are moving faster and increase in various fields. It will change our lifestyle, as well the hot topics always debate which better print or digital media. In a survey conducted by Ofcom(2006) “In every country surveyed, broadband usage appears linked to a decline in conventional television viewing. On average around one-third of consumers with broadband access said they watch less television since going online. Conversely, internet access appears to have a positive effect on radio listening, offsetting a decline in hours spent listening to conventional broadcast radio”.

On secondary research, the areas author will cover in this chapter are

The future of book

No one has asked the customers whether they prefer print materials or electronic

media or other sources.

Print publications should be changed into a form of digital media.

The Future of Book

“Whether individuals express preference or aversion toward e-books, there are

multiple reasons related to lifestyle preferences, as well as personal views on technologies, learning methods, and pleasure reading”

(Nielsen 2008)

Based on the quote above, there are lot reasons why people toward reading e-books compare book. The problem with the e-book and traditional book debate is that e-books have evolved but common perceptions of them have not. E-book produce with bonus and you will get information that usually doesn’t come with a book. For example such links will also make books No one has asked the customers whether they prefer print materials or electronic

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Media or other sources much easier to discover, by helping searchengines. As discussed by online magazine “The from as link structures develop around books, search algorithms can count incoming links as votes, giving more weight to incoming links from much-cited places and less to obscure ones. The (offline) citation culture of academic literature already works this way.” (The future of

book: Mixed Media 2007 p.27). Other advantages reading e-book are involves learning through visual aspects. Embedded videos in e-books will might benefit to people with good visual memory.

Figure 1: Book of Future

Source: ( 2007)

Now lifestyle more to digital life. We can see anywhere people online, everyone had digital stuff like mobile phone, PDA, ipod, computer. Technology allows to do many things, anywhere and anytime As mentioned by Rita(2008) in forum, “People who read e-books are typically electronics junkies. My point is – they ALREADY have the device and it’s doing double or even triple duty already. Here’s an interesting tidbit.” E-books can be read on whatever the reader has on hand. For example computer, a PDA, a Blackberry or Palm Pilot even a phone. Rita (2008) added that “In Japan, where people commute for long periods each day, sales of mobile-phone novels books that you download and read in instalments on the screen of your cell phone have jumped from nothing five years ago to over ¥10 billion ($82m) a year today.”

In a interview by Joanna (2009) with Michael Pastore, he said “E-BOOK give us the latest available information. Ebooks of the future, like software, will be featured with an option for automatic updates.” So, for example, you can buy the 1.0 edition of my e-book about e-kamus, and if you turn on your “update now” button, you get a newer e-kamus edition with more new words or information, and a list of changes and additions.

After all of the information collected please stop worrying about is it e-book will replace traditional book or not. We should be grateful with e-book can add new experience for learning or reading material. In fast increasing technology will help people make it everything fast. Author’s opinion in future e-book will be efficient suitable to all generation, they feel comfortable use e-book.

No One Has Asked The Customers Whether They Prefer Print Materials or Electronic Media

“Many marketers are pushing their customers toward electronic statements,

e-newsletters, bills, and transactional statements as a “green” move, but in reality, it has more to do with economics. But while pushing e-communications as greener, has anyone bothered to ask what customers how they feel about it? “

(Tolliver-Nigro 2009)

Based on the quote, the author try to find out either people fine with digital media or still stick with digital media. Perspective ( 2007) from business site on the survey it found that, while 71% of respondents “always” open email containing a monthly bill, this jumped to 92% of consumers who received statements by mail. Likewise, while 60% “always” open an email containing a bank statement, this jumps to 83% when the bank statement comes in the mail. Other researches the author sure people prefer digital because the number of people who read newspapers and magazines is growing. Of course, with few exceptions that growth is all digital. Take one example Pontin (2009) said “Between 14 million and 22 million read every month; the print circulation of the weekday Times is just one million. In all, on any day, 32 million Americans read their news online”. Those numbers suggest contented customers. Mainstream media in electronic publishing are good business.

Figure 2: Chart of age group

Source: (// 2008)

The young generation more prefer digital media compare print media, see the figure 2

from the BBC report the chart show there seems to be a generation gap in the use of or viewing of online and mobile video. It found that viewing of online video was popular among the 16-24 age group but the viewing of online video decreased as the age groups got older. In author opinion’s general trend the percentage of those age groups watching online video falls as the age gets older, it does rise again in him 65+ age group, a possible theory on this could be the fact that in general people of this age group have more time on their hands than some of the other age groups.

The author opinion’s the trend of digital media becoming part of everyday life, people lives are now ingrained with technology from birth meaning that a lot of people especially the younger generation are very technologically ‘savvy’ meaning that they are keeping up with the technological change.

Print Publication Should Be Changed Into A Form of Digital Media

Digital publication of e-books and electronic articles, and the development of digital libraries and catalogues are include in E-Publishing. Electronic (Jose 1999 p.5) publishing has become common in scientific publishing where it has been argued that peer-reviewed paper scientific journals are in the process of being replaced by electronic publishing. The author also knew that although distribution via the Internet (also known as online publishing or web publishing when in the form of a website) as well as technical and reference publications relied on by mobile users and others without reliable and high speed access to a network.

The advantages of electronic publishing are speed and integration. Jose (1999 , p.12) highlighted that “the speed of distribution just the beginning”. He added electronic publishing also gives publisher and readers more flexible management of the publications they are create. Nowdays the readers who are spending increasing daily hours online with or without having access to the digital version of your publication. Other (Jose 1999, p.6) benefits of print to digital publications are state by embedding video and interstitial ads, tracking the number of readers – unique and repeat, growing your online ad inventory by serving IAB standard ads within and outside the digital publication pages, capturing user view and interaction data such as page views, clicks – unique and

repeat ,the ability to instantly share the E-magazine with friends or colleagues. The phenomenally low cost of publishing a digital magazine may be the knockout punch in the triumph of digital version over print version.

“Print publications have character digital publications may be the future” (Hicks 2009). Hicks(2009) he also supported that “Yes, but the print magazines have a certain endearing quality about them”. For example a print magazine is finite, you can read it “cover to cover”. Hicks (2009) also added “The vibrant colors are, in most cases, better than screen resolution of a laptop or a PC monitor. In fact there is an entire set of reader behaviours such as tearing out articles, dog-ears to mark pages, flipping the pages to scan the pictures and headlines etc. that continue to define the strong if dwindling relationship between the print publications and its readers”. Flipping pages, for example, can be much quicker than going to as many web pages on a site, not to overlook the fact that you must be online.

It is an example how you can do try print media changed into a form of digital media. This is probably simple step. Hickss (2009)mention once you have an account all it takes is to follow 3 easy steps: Upload the PDF; Configure your digital publication example provide a short description and select features you would like to enable; Click CONVERT. It takes just minutes and you will have a URL for your digital publication which you can forward to your friends, colleagues or just embed in your emails or website

The author’s opinion it digital publication no only easy step, also a lot advantages when print publication change to that. According (Hicks 2009) this is begin with the readers who are spending increasing daily hours online with or without having access to the digital version of your publication.


For many years the technology will changes common print publication to digital media. Technology will continue to develop digital publication. Yes, today young generation prefer use digital media compare print. As we have seen from the evidence in this research, there is certainly a trend towards the use of digital media, especially in everyday life. This however seems to be coming as a generalization from the younger age groups. The evidence of this is in the questionnaire and public observation the author done.

The author achieve the objective to find out whether digital media will replace print media for future. Depend on situation, this may be different in the future digital media in general is still relatively expensive meaning people such as the poor will not be able to access digital media as well as traditional media where televisions can be bought relatively cheaply and where newspapers are cheap to read compared with the cost of buying a computer and having to pay for the cost of an internet connection every month.

Based on the author did literature review,a lot advantages and disadvantages digital media in future. Hicks(2009) he also supported that “Yes, but the print magazines have a certain endearing quality about them”. For example a print magazine is finite, you can read it “cover to cover”. Hicks (2009) also added “The vibrant colors are, in most cases, better than screen resolution of a laptop or a PC monitor. In fact there is an entire set of reader behaviours such as tearing out articles, dog-ears to mark pages, flipping the pages to scan the pictures and headlines etc. that continue to define the strong if dwindling relationship between the print publications and its readers”. Overall research the author came to conclusion based on the information gathered from doing interviews,distributed questionnaire as well doing self and public observation. Conclusion from the author is technology make publication toward digital over print and more young people prefer it.

The author agree in future digital media will replace print media. As we have seen from the evidence in this research the digital media spreading fast because of today digital gadget are devices are been introduced to help the audience to save time and got information easier. Also helper audience updated information. For example e-book have many benefits over simple printed material as common book.



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