Impact of Misleading Media

Misleading media is one of the major problems in many countries which had been discussed by many people to try and decide what are the reasons and the effects of this enormous problem on the society. No one can deny that the media contributes to the formation of the ideas of the nation, and this helps to improve the country and urges the nation to progress and develop, or it can lead to either corruption, misleading and wash brain which destroys the country’s rules and makes youth and people un aware from the truth. Misleading media has many causes as the absence of ethics, governmental rules on freedom of media and power distribution which has many effects like corruption, money laundry, unawareness and ignorance.

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One of the main causes of misleading media especially in Egypt is the absence of ethics and morality and the search for only one purpose which is profit. It can be in many ways starting from taking half truths and changing it by any means necessary to full lies. “The media tends to report rumors, speculations, and projections as facts… How does the media do this?” (London, January 1993). In addition to the new fashion of using bad words in media which made the society to lose their morality and ethics. People in the street all they do is calling each other with bad words with no shame or regret that started to be so rude and disgusting and lost their way of civilization. Also they started talking about adult issues in most of the channels without even considering who is watching them even if they were children all they care about is a lot of watchers whether they approve of that or not. This enormous problem started to make people ignorant, un civilized and wash brained. The society is failing and most people disagree with such media that cannot respect morals and ethics but media only cares for many viewers to gain money that made people also lose their respect to each other and started misleading each other to gain profit and power but also the increase of corruption which lead to many evil deeds as money laundry and the spread gangs which lead to the spread of turbulence.”Journalists’ corruption and lack of professionalism in the Egyptian press were highlighted in several academic studies.” (El-Nawawy, spring 2014).

From the main causes of misleading media in Egypt is absence of governmental rules on media as even government is ignorant that every freedom must have laws to remind people to not cross others’ lines of freedom and government is leaving media without rules. No rules on the right language to be spoken in news, television shows and newspapers. Even there is no rules to make some issues and subjects to be watched only by adults. In addition to the absence of laws that define the lines that media cannot cross whether someone’s personal life from acting stars to even politicians or issues that cannot be discussed at all without interfering with the media freedom. Also government should make sure that every news said is a full true without converting words or changing truth or even talking half truths which is the same as a lie. This lead to many huge problems as media started to make their own news not real or truthful one and started to talk on television shows about very un appropriate issues whether for adults only or issues that must be studied first and gain information about well before talking about it which make Egypt look like ignorant people with no knowledge which makes educated people feel terrible for their ignorant country. “All of us who professionally use the mass media are the shapers of society. We can vulgarize that society. We can brutalize it. Or we can help lift it onto a higher level.” (Alexander, 2014).

Misleading media is a problem that has many causes but the need for power and its distribution is one of the main causes of it. Many greedy rich corrupted politicians or even private organizations focus on using media for their need of power by many ways starting by spreading lies in the news and talking half truths against their enemies and using it against them. Also the need it to all the time especially to justify sometimes any problems the face against breaking laws and problems to wash brain and spread ignorance for their profit and power only without caring about laws or the development of the society and its effects on the people from injustice and ignorance. They use media for money laundry and corruption to gain their needs and only theirs. “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” (London, January 1993). This effects the society and its progress by failure and spread of oppression, poverty, ignorance and corruption. This breaks the laws and defies human ethics and morality which is taught in every religion. “Because the best succinct definition of power is the ability to get others to do what one wants.” (Entman, 2007).

The media’s power is frail. Without the people’s support, it can be shut off with the ease of turning a light switch.” (Alexander, 2014). Misleading media have been a major problem in Egypt which have many causes. Media lost their principles and respect of the morality and ethics of the society and started to focus only on gaining profit form made up stories because of the absence of the governmental rules and laws that make them does not interfere with people’s personal lives and protect their privacies. In addition to the help of the greedy corporations and politicians that make use of media as their toy for washing the brains of the people and controlling them to gain what they need without caring about the society which is a power that cannot be stopped. This terrible problem lead to many horrible effects on the society and the people from the spread of loss of ethics and morals between people and the spread of corruption , money laundry and gangs which made the country’s future rough on the next generations that lost the meanings of civilizations and the spread of ignorance, deterioration and injustice. Media’s misleading way should be stopped and treated with to solve this problem or this media will destroy our society.


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