Fake News & Kobe Bryant’s Death

Understanding the fake news effect can hurt local governments and create a bad representation of people. All over the world people are convinced not to be swindled by its alluring features. Yet, we constantly fall into this false informational trap where we end up in an endless maze trying to find accurate documents to specific situations that have been broadcasted. Fake news is a major social issue that affects the mind into believing such preposterous news; although, there are very few people who know about it, and even fewer that takes these precautions but the effect of their news reaching high amount of views or factual beliefs due to the false news dealing with good time frame. Fake news is known for three different things to take place to reach its targeted spectators, called the Fake News Triangle. I’ll be explaining the News Triangle through the Kobe Bryant situation where posts on Twitter and ABC news were released as false information on who died during the helicopter crash; instead of one of his daughters died during that time all four of them were reported at the crash scene.

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The pilot has been noted by multiple news reports as Ara Zobayan. The helicopter in the crash was a Sikorsky S-76B that was built in 1991, according to FAA documents. The helicopter was known to hold up to 13 passengers which didn’t add up when certain news was reported. The 9 passengers were killed, but at the time it was reported as only 6 people died at the time of the crash which was Kobe Bryant and his daughters plus the pilot which isn’t adding up with the factual evidence! This helicopter was purchased by Island Express Holding Corporation, known as a flight charter business. The company offered a small token to the family members of those who were affected by the crash and solemnly swear to investigate the trial of the crash. There was no immediate informal evidence until Monday morning of the system failure of the crash. Kobe Bryant had used this helicopter regularly for traveling purposes. The tail number matches the same helicopter that was identified in 2016 April where he was traveling to an NBA final game; also, there are pictures of Kobe boarding the same helicopter during that time of the final.

Their fingerprints are what determined the passengers that were onboard during the crash. All victims were observed as blunt trauma, and the manner of death was seen as an accident and not purposely happening, which a coroner stated. The group of people was traveling to a basketball game when the helicopter crashed into parts of a hillside. News reported also that there were no survivors after the crash. The teenagers were teammates on the basketball team Bryant and Mauser coached. This was published by USA-today a day later when reports have been made about the crash.

Pieces to the evidence have been filed from the crash site. A medical examiner formally identified the four of those killed in the crashing site, including Bryant a former NBA star and Zobayan which was the pilot, and passengers John Altobelli a local baseball coach, and Mrs. Chester. ABC News has stated the wrong victims and that they were Bryant’s daughters. Christina Mauser who was an assistant basketball coach for a private school in Orange County also died in the crash site. A woman stated that the helicopter hit a mountain at approximately 1,000 feet in the air. The aircraft missed the mountain by 20 to 30 feet although there were taller mountains nearby which could’ve made this drastic effect. Evidence shows that the helicopter was not updated in any of the electronics such as a “black box” that wasn’t installed that shows precise and accurate data at the time the crash happened. Investigators at the time found useful evidence to conclude on the flight data and what happened at the moment.

The horrific spreading of false information is highly intriguing that in one’s realization of understanding that predominance of the society can’t detect the uprightness of the false information. However, the beliefs of what has been given seem to have a great influence on the evaluation of the actually reported news to an endless degree because people are easily influenced when things seem real to a situation of harm towards mankind. This cruel scene is insufficient based on the filters we don’t have to separate the cruelty of dishonesty in documents we have obtained. People should have more doubt on all news based on all news that will add on insignificant pieces that bring that attention to their website. Spotting news that we view online should be prepared to differentiate the dishonesty in the information. These are stories that are intentionally forged to gain website visitors and increase the advertising revenue for that particular websites or accounts.

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