Comparison of Personality Tests

Every person is unique. Each one of us is different from another, from our DNA to our personalities. Some people are outgoing, and friendly; while some are silent and shy. Each person’s personality is made up of different traits. The combinations of these traits create millions of possibilities, and distinctive individuals. I believe there is no such thing as “one way or another” when it comes to personality types. Nobody is fully introverted or extroverted. There are always in-between because as human we are capable of learning and recognizing our differences. Therefore, it is unfair to categorize people and put them under labels. I always have doubts about personality tests because it does exactly what I think is unfair: stereotyping people. However, after doing some researches about personality tests, I realize that many tests do take into consideration these concerns about stereotyping people. To avoid stereotyping people, these test displays personality traits in percentage, so a person can be both extraverted and introverted, intuitive and observant, … I took a test to find out that I have logician personality, INTP-T, this personality type consists of traits such as: introverted, intuitive, thinking, prospecting, and turbulent (“Logician Personality”). Not all of the descriptions about this personality type matches my personality, but some of it does. The test gives me a chance to reflect upon myself; I was able to understand myself better and figure out ways to improve parts of me that need changes.

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There are many personality tests available on the internet. The most popular among these is the Myers Brigg’s Assessment. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) was developed by Isabel Myers and her mother, Katharine Cook Briggs (“Isabel Briggs Myers”). The purpose of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is to help individuals understand themselves and appreciate the differences between people (“Isabel Briggs Myers”). Isabel Myers had always been fascinated with studying individual’s personality. After she encountered the idea of C. G. Jung in his book, Psychological Types, Isabel Myers dedicated her life to study his works and perfect it (“Isabel Briggs Myers”). Nowadays, people are still working on the Myers-Briggs Type indicator to improve Isabel Myers’ work and make the Myers- Briggs test more accurate. Unfortunately, I did not take this specific test because a fee needs to be paid. I choose an alternative test that is similar to the Myers-Briggs personality test. The 16Personalities test gives me a general idea about my personality type at no cost.

Relationship is one of the first topic that is mentioned. I am not good at maintaining healthy relationships. I struggle to connect with family members, and are uncappable of creating new friendships. I was looking forward to seeing the test results to find out the causes of my struggles, and to find ways to improve myself. According to 16Personalities’ test result, logicians are shy and withdrawn individuals. They live rich worlds inside their minds, so they sometimes find the external world pales in comparison (“INTP Relationships”). Logicians are likely to have a few very close relationships instead of a large circle of significant relationships (“INTP Relationship”). Logicians are not naturally tuned into others’ feelings and needs (“INTP Relationship”). It is difficult to get to know a logician well because they hold back parts of themselves until the other person are proven to be trustworthy (“INTP Relationship”). Once people get to know logicians, they are faithful and loyal. However, logician won’t look back at relationships that were broken (“INTP Relationship”). Looking at these traits, I find some of them very accurate. I make it very difficult for people to get to know me. Therefore, I don’t have many friends. I would start conversation with people, but limit the conversation to small talk. I rarely share anything personal with anyone, even my family members. I keep many secrets to myself, and often worry that if I share my secrets, people would distance themselves from me. Furthermore, I end relationships without telling people what went wrong, then I never have second thought about the relationships that I ended. Leaving relationships without saying anything causes a lot of misunderstandings. Now that I have time to look closer into the issue, I realized that communication, and forgiveness is what a logician like me need to have better relationships with family and friends.

Bad communication is the cause of my unhealthy relationship with my parents. Therefore, communication is the second topic that I am excited to learn about. Logicians are objective, logical individuals who are focused on exploring possibilities, so they often seem to be detached and indifferent (“INTP Communication”). INTP critique a situation without the intention of offending or hurting anyone, but sometimes it come across like that (“INTP Communication”). These descriptions are accurate. I find myself getting distracted in a middle of conversations, and often have to act like I am still having interest. I also offended my parents and friends multiple times because of my objectives comments. Although these are minor mistakes that my family and friends quickly forgive me, I worried that this trait will affect my life in the future. I need to practice giving positive feedback; more importantly, take time to consider people’s emotions before commenting. To improve my relationship with my parents I need to spend more time communicating with them. I rarely sit down to have serious and constructive conversations with my parents when I was living with them. Now that we live in different countries, we rarely talk to each other. After the personality test, I realize that I to be more active when communicating with people if I want to create and maintain healthy relationships.

The test also shows me guides about choosing my careers, and suggests jobs that best suited the logician personality. Everyone needs to make a living. Choosing what to do for a living is a very important decision. Since I have no idea what I love to do, I pay great attention when reading about logician’s career paths. Although I picked computer engineering as my major, I do not have any solid knowledge about computers. It worries me that I am wasting my time and money studying things that do not help me excel in life, especially in my career path. According to the test result, logician personality type might appear aloof, this personality type is passionate about logic and innovation (Wong,2019). Logicians have little interest in organizational traditions; they hate rules (“The Best Careers for the INTP Personality Type”). They tend to focus on creating the idea, and to leave the tedious details aside for others (“The Best Careers for the INTP Personality Type”). Logicians thrive in small environment, and when they work independently (“The Best Careers for the INTP Personality Type”). Technology, Engineering, Sciences, Business and Law, Arts and Language are great fields for logicians to find suitable jobs. These fields of careers look for people who prefer working with ideas more than people. I am happy to know that software developer is one of the jobs suggested for people with logician personality. I chose to pursue this job despite knowing little about it, but I love the idea of working solo. Software developers in big companies such as Google, Facebook enjoy many benefits such as free food, relaxing working environment, and health benefits. Not only that software developer suits my logician personality, there are plenty of jobs opening in my home country.

In order to achieve the dream job, logicians or any others personality types need to figure out their learning styles so that they could study best in school. Great achievements in school create easier path toward the dream job. INTP have a very critical, analytical, and conceptual learning style (Reyes, 2018). Similar to their trait at work, logician prefer to study independently (Reyes, 2018). Additionally, INTP are more concerned with meeting their own standards rather than chasing after an external set of standards (Reyes, 2018). My actual personality doe not match very well with the learning style stereotypes of the INTP personality. I can’t find the best way to study because I am such a procrastinator. This has cost me greatly, but I am still unable to find the strength to finish my homework on time. I am distracted very easily when trying to focus on lessons. I have so many questions when I discover a new idea, but most of the time too lazy to find answers for these questions. One similarity that I have with the logician stereotype is that I enjoy working by myself. Through many classes in college, I notices that my grades improve if I took online classes. When taking online classes, I am able to be alone and take my time to slowly learn the information. After the personality test, I figure that laziness, and procrastination are two biggest challenges that I need to overcome so that I can do great in school. I need a lot of time just to finish a simple homework exercise; by quitting procrastination, I will have more times to dedicate for the homework.

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The personality test was a great tool for me to understand myself better. When taking the test, I look forward to nothing more but entertainment. After reading the test results I found that there are many accurate details. The test provides many useful information that I can apply to my life. It gives me assurance in my choice of college major, and boost my self-confidence to know that logician personality type is rare and desirable. I will keep this in mind, changes will happen, and I need to be flexible to adapt to the changes in life.




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