Causes of Dreams and Nightmares

  • Evangjelos Danaj


What are nightmares they are dreams bad ones that affect us every people sees dreams but not all of them see nightmares. We see nightmares most of the time when we are affected in a negative way in our life our when we ourselves have done something bad we tend to overthink it and that is one of the reason as to why we see it in our dreams in a bad way. Nightmares generally when happens periodically is the result of the person who sees it of lack of sleep or for people who are afraid of a scare movie or something most common nowadays due crises of humanity people tend to get stuck on a particular upsetting thought. On the other hand if it happens systematically then that is when people say that they have nightmare disorder this is dangerous for people because nightmares may lead to people jeopardizing their own safety or another human beings safety and because during nightmares people have rapid eye movement or REM they do not remember as to what they have done.


Nightmares are dreams that happen during sleep and during when humans have rapid eye movement that is one of the reason as to why when we are having nightmares we have strong feelings of fear, distress, terror and anxiety. This is most likely to happen at a person’s later part of sleep. Nightmares become a disorder when it has affected our social life, our occupation and many more other important areas in our everyday life or if a someone keeps on seeing the same nightmare with the same topic meaning something that we have experience in our everyday life or an experience that we over tend to think about it then at this point if a person experiences this sort of nightmares then this this when we may call Nightmare disorder. This has been most commonly seen to happen at the age ten and has been seen as normal unless they interfere with sleep with their development or with their psychosocial development. This is most commonly shown to girls than boys and may last until they mature into adulthood. Adult’s nightmares are something entirely different than at that which was for children because it does not affect them as much as it affects the children and will not affect their development psychology them much and in addition to that unlike children most of adult’s nightmares are commonly based on the fact that they either be anxious about something with external stressors or external trauma.


Biology is mostly connected with our DNA or our Genes that make up our DNA which are mostly connected with our behavior. Because Nightmares affect our sleep meaning that we feel them up to a certain level and that they do not allow us to sleep because of the shock that we receive because nightmares are dreams that frighten us. The most affected ones are the children who are unable to nurture the right way because they are afraid of nightmares for example if a children who is ten years old and his parents break for many different reasons then the children may have one of the many symptoms which differ from children to children, nightmares that will affect him in many ways. One of the most common effects that this kind of nightmare will have on children in the nurture sector may be Growth Hormone Deficiency. This problem has most commonly been seen to happen to children for adult’s nightmares don’t affect their biology directly but indirectly. Meaning that they are affected by post-traumatic stress and that they may be affected by other psychiatric illnesses. Since they are receiving medication for these problem that medication may affect their biological system which can cause the human to go crazy. Another disorder which affects human’s dreams and results at them having nightmares may be due a birth problem and feeling since the people who tend to feel more and are affected by it more may overthink most actions and that will result in him having nightmares. With the help of technology and research medicine has been made for people who are facing these problem to help them overcome it also psychologist has found method that enables them to help the patients overcome problem that affect them indirectly through the help of talking it out or with the help of interaction and communication with one another. In addition to the above stated Breathing disorder can cause nightmares this disease can cause sleep aupnia which will result in the little sleep that we get to have nightmares this disease together with nightmares can cause severe effects on the human mind like falling asleep without realizing it a high fever which will be hard to treat children will have a Hyperactive behavior, depression and if it is severe then we will notice that our legs will have swelled.


Most people do not know this but emotions are affects very much from nightmares. Emotions meaning our mood, which result in us not waking up in a rather refreshed mood but waking up and leaving us with the feeling that the sleeper who has just seen a nightmare has been in a battle with something all night long. Furthermore this abstract can lead us to seeing more disoriented dreams meaning nightmares and can increase our anxiety which will lead to seeing more nightmares. People have become clinically depressed because they have not been able to identify what it is that has leaded them to having nightmares. Based on research that has been done by unknown researcher’s people that are clinically depressed and that they have not been born with any biological problem and that these symptoms are shown when a person cannot identify the origins of the nightmare disorder have a tendency to three to four time more than the average person. Another hypothesis may be that nightmares are a way for your unconscious mind telling us that we are not dealing with our stress as we should be. Another hypothesis about nightmares may be that because we are having difficulties accepting some facts that we as people do not accept for many different reasons then that means that the nightmare that we see is our mind overanalyzing it and showing it to us so in other words we can say that it is our mind telling us as to what we should fix. Taking all things into consideration we can safely say that nightmares as in general are not things that come out of nowhere but they are the products of our brain telling us and indicating to us as to what it is that is under our minds so nightmares are not problems that descended upon us from above or from below as most people tend to claim when they are having nightmares.

Social life

Nightmares generally in social life aspect affect adult more than they affect children due to the fact that they have a lot more social interaction than children have. Adults due to the fact that most of them work overtime or sometimes even 24 hour straight they tend to eat late at night that affects their brain and the metabolism which result in signaling the brain to have a higher activity rate. Through nightmare through our everyday life we may want an object that we will get up do get it through sleep walking. In other words Nightmares can cause us to have other problem mostly psychological problem. In looking at how our nightmares affect our social interaction with other people it is important to take note that nightmares play a vital role in our life. Another aspect here may be that because during our everyday moment we have no time to process our thought and so that leads to the brain processing it throughout the night and at most times resulting into us seeing it as a bad nightmare. Recent measurement’s show that most common people that have nightmares are the one who have done a crime and even though they have been judged for the crime that they have by the government and not by someone who is of the law because people tend to think that if they are judged by the law then there sins are forgiven but that is not the cause because even and after they do jail time for the crime that they themselves have committed and they still see that through nightmare because those are experience that have left them at a traumatic state of mind that is for those who have done crimes but for those people who have not done crimes but they have just experienced shocking thing like war veterans see and see again from time to time themselves at the frontline because they know sub-consciously that what they are doing is wrong so in other words nightmares may also be cause by actions that we ourselves know subconscious are wrong and still we go through with it.


In the end taking all things into consideration Nightmare disorder is an illness that can be treated through many ways without the help of specialist meaning a therapist. One way to do this is to alleviating stress with in your home your personal life this will result in us eliminating anxiety the individuals most likely course of action as to have a relaxing sleep and not to see nightmares. Another course of action that someone may do may be through the help of fitness and in corporation with relaxation therapy which will result in the individual have a more relax and a more complete sleep. In addition to this one skill trough training and everyday exercise can be through yoga and in through with meditation techniques which help in a person’s a sleeping atmosphere. Patients can also choose to do this through the help of a specialist meaning psychotherapy so that they can learn as how to deal with and cope with stress and find different ways to deal with it. Most patients tend to select the route of medication but the ones who can be provided with medication and diagnosis are the ones who have report that they are having reoccurring nightmares over and over again more than four times a week. Prazosin is a commonly used medicine to treat people who are having problems with Posttraumatic stress disorder. Therapy has helped a lot of people to deal with frightening themes and has helped them alleviate from the nightmare recurrence. Usually a large amount of the patients will improve as the patient gets older and older. Based on the latest research a treatment is under way that at this point is currently weak but its main point is that the patient who is suffering from nightmares to be able to benefit from it but currently it is still weak. On the other hand there also the people who tend to think that they are having nightmares those people are given a placebo pill a pill of sugar so as to think that they are cured.


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