Augmented Reality Applications

Abstract With the exponential growth in usage of smart phones and smart devices and the search engine technologies, Augmented Reality is claimed to be the most disruptive technologies of this decade. Industries and people have adopted AR to enhance user’s perception and help them feel, see and feel the real world in a new and … Read More»

3D Object Pose Tracking for Robotics Grasping

I. INTRODUCTION My role of this project is to build up the graphic scene and deal with adjusting lighting changes of the object. It is a repeatable process since the machine learning algorithm will store precise data and drop lower reliable cases. Then, it will circle the processes to improve the accuracy of stored image … Read More»

4G Technology Challenges SWOT and RRM Analysis Information Technology Essay

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   The approaching 4G (fourth generation) mobile communication systems are projected to solve still remaining problems of 3G (third generation) systems and to provide better QoS, speed and radio resource management (RRM) in heterogeneous network. The term 4G is used broadly to include several types of broadband wireless access communication systems, not only cellular … Read More»

Case Study of 4G Mobile Phones

ABSTRACT 4G technology is a transition from the earlier technology i.e. 3G technology and it promises to bring some of the revolutionary changes in the mobile world which will be very favorable for the mobile users. Fasters data and IP packet transmissions and a lot of other applications like high quality voice and multimedia in … Read More»

Aadhar Breach – A Case of Data Privacy in India

Abstract This paper explores the Aadhaar data breach and the laws violated by the UIDAI and the other third parties to compromise the personal information of 1.1 billion enrolled Aadhaar users. It investigates the history of the Aadhaar database breach and how the third parties leaked the information, software patch in the Aadhaar database made … Read More»

A Background Into The STC Company Information Technology Essay

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Saudi Telecom Company was incorporated in 1998 (Jaspersoft, 2011). As the leading national provider of telecommunication services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, STC adopted a challenging program to transform its business from a government system to recognized commercial business standards. The company is working continuously to fulfil and satisfy the market requirements, … Read More»

A Balanced Scorecard Model For Project Management Information Technology Essay

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   For a long time organizations are have been trying to use performance measurement methods in their system due to the fact that most time of managers is consumed by gathering, controlling, analyzing or reporting out data. Over time, it has been recognized that a valid performance measurement system can help organization to define … Read More»

A Basic Of GPS Technology

GPS Global Positioning Systems was a tool used by who has the need to navigate with the satellite through the microwave radio. Basically, GPS was use for route tracking in individual usage and it can use by different devices like pocket PC, forerunner and etc. But, nowadays a lot of organizations are using GPS technology … Read More»

ABC Corp Business Process and Strategy

ABC Corp is million dollar company which deals in data collection and analytics. The company has grown in last two years and is expected to grow rapidly in next 18 months. The company most important assets is information and is important function for the organization and it has to be dealt with very carefully and … Read More»

Concepts of Green IT and Green Computing

1. Introduction Environmental responsibility is emerging as an important topic for corporate IT organizations and their technology suppliers. With increasing market pressure to “go green” and because of its central role to the enterprise, IT is often given the role of facilitator to bring together all departments with a unified sustainability plan. Senior management may … Read More»


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