The Abuse of Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech, one of America’s downfalls. One of the biggest misconceptions now a days is that many of today’s generation has exercised their freedom of speech inappropriately. They have cruelly misused and abused it by using it as an excuse to be discriminative, unpleasant, and barbarous.”42% of teenagers with tech access report being cyber … Read More»

US Academic Integrity Problems in University

The summary of ‘An Economic Analysis of Academic Dishonesty and Its Deterrence in Higher Education’ This document mainly discusses the issues of academic integrity. It makes a detailed analysis on the academic integrity problems now in American universities that are summarized. Why so many students choose to cheat? What kind of students are enrolled in … Read More»

Accepting an Expert Claim

Argument Experts are individuals or organizations proved to be quite knowledgeable and have authority in a particular field. Most organizations prefer hiring and consulting experts in different skills and service delivery. However, this does not guarantee a perfect result for the organization or the company, as many factors may affect the service delivery by the … Read More»

Airline Lufthansa Companies

Strategic Change and Strategic Challenge for Lufthansa Introduction The biggest airline in Germany- Lufthansa is one of the leading airline companies in the world, but it suffered from the danger of bankruptcy in 1991. However, the flexible strategic change programs made it survive. Thus, the implementation and effects of those programs are obviously attractive and … Read More»

Anachronisms in A Knight’s Tale

There are several anachronistic factors portrayed in the 2001 film A Knight’s Tale, and these elements are specifically crafted to help allow the viewer to relate to a subject that lays outside of their area of expertise, in this case the middle ages. By blending the use of modern music, and modern clothing items, with historical references … Read More»

Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Heart

  The heart is a muscular pump, cone shaped, hollow organ that lies in the chest cavity, the apex inclining towards the left cavity. It is divided into four areas, the upper right and left atria and the lower right and left ventricles. A muscular wall called the septum down the centre separates oxygenated from … Read More»

Antenna Technology Wireless

Definition Antenna is an electronic device mostly known as transducer that is designed to receive and transmit electromagnetic waves and can be very effective in the telecommunication systems. It was the most neglected section of all the personal communication systems. But with the rapid evolution of the technology, communication is expected to be transmitted and … Read More»

Should Apes Have Human Rights?

Should apes have human rights based on sign language? In today’s society apes are considered to be animals and are given no rights even considerably close to humans, in fact, they have no rights to begin with. But rarely is the question asked, should apes have rights based on sign language and other communication skills? … Read More»

A Report About Bloods Vs Crips

My exam paper is about one of the biggest gang wars in the whole world: The Bloods versus The Crips. The reason I have chosen this subject is because not so many people are aware of what’s going on between those two gangs. There are more gangs who are sometimes involved in this war, such … Read More»

Arguments for Free Healthcare

Free healthcare: Why it should Be Legal Eliminating the fear of costs of medical services should be an agenda in every country around the world. Universal health care and public access are yet to be realizable, considering the contributing factors and challenges facing the strategies. The complexity arises from the fact that most of the … Read More»


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