Rugby Macrocycle Training

A Rugby Macrocycle The training period for the rugby year begins in October and is divided into four phases: off season (between October and January), pre-season (between February and April), in-season (between May and September) and transition (in October). All athletes must be tested and prescribed an individual exercise regime since each member has specific … Read More»

Biomechanical Principles Affecting Spiking in Volleyball

Task 1   Biomechanics focuses on the science of the mechanisms through which musculoskeletal components interact to create movement which can be used to improve skills and prevent injury. (McBride 2016) Having insight into how bodily movements are carried out gives professionals a platform to facilitate the design of safe and effective programs. (McBride, 2016) … Read More»

Physical Characteristics of a MLB Player vs Their Performance

Physical Characteristics of a MLB Player vs Their Performance Data Management Final Performance Task                             Table of Contents:   Introduction/Background         3 Methodology           4 Results            8 Future Studies           9 Conclusion           10 Bibliography           11 Appendices           12   Introduction/Background:  This report will focus on all the MLB groups and physical qualities of … Read More»

Mental and Physical Apects of Golf

Mental and Physical Apects of Golf Fore The Love of the Game Who would have thought that standing there, holding a golf club, hitting it with as much force as your body would let you could help you win a thousand dollars and a day off from work? A popular law office has been slammed … Read More»

Athletes’ Involvement in Decision Making Process of UWW

Discuss on the Issues with Athletes’ Involvement in Decision Making Process of UWW   INTRODUCTION In recent years, Sport governance has become an increasingly widespread subject for research and good governance is a key component of the effective sport organization management (Mu Yeh & Taylor, 2008). It is because of that sports governance enables not … Read More»

Sports League Analysis Paper: English Premier League

SPORTS LEAGUE ANALYSIS PAPER     ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE   The Premiership was created after the 1985 European Cup Tournament at Heysel Stadium in Brussels; some clubs received a 5-year ban from Union of European Football Associations from playing because they were neglecting stadiums. In 1992, The FA Premier League was formed, and the first … Read More»

Comparing the Ryder Cup of Golf and South Pacific Games

This article will thoroughly analyze the association of two noteworthy occasions inside the donning date-book: The Ryder Cup of Golf draw upon data from the 1999 and 2001 matches and the South Pacific Games (SPG) enveloping 1996 and the 1999 occasions. The Ryder Cup is played biennially between two groups, the USA and Europe with … Read More»

Equal Pay in Sports Tournaments

Battle of the Sexes: Equal Work Equal Pay Introduction A woman named Billie Jean King is a women’s tennis champion in America in the 1970s who won 39 Grand Slams. However, there was a game once where King won the tennis tournament, and she was treated very unjustly after she won the competition. She found … Read More»

Use of Self-Talk on Enhancing Self-Efficacy in Youth Tennis Players

The Use of Self-Talk on Enhancing Self-Efficacy in Youth Tennis Players Para 1: Introducing self-efficacy   Successful performance in sport can be influence by psychological factors. Some athletes may have the required physical skills and capabilities to perform well, but are less confident in doing so or unable to cope with performance pressures. Athletes own confidence … Read More»

Sports Oligopolies and Issue of Sports Team Ownerships

Sports Oligopolies Introduction In this paper I will discuss some opinions of mine concerning ownership of professional sports. I’ll be arguing how these owners engage in professional sports mainly because it’s a secure and lucrative venture. Sport for most people are perceived as the idea of meritocracy; that hard work and skill can lead to … Read More»

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