German Expressionism: A Crystalline Utopian Society

“Today there is no art. The various disrupted tendencies can find their way back to a single unity only under the wings of a new architecture…Everything will be one thing: architecture”. Bruno Taut, A Programme for Architecture This was the ideology of Bruno Taut, a German Expressionist architect who pushed the idea of a utopian architecture; … Read More»

The Internet as a Space for Digital Art SpACES How does the spectator engage with the digital art? Medium for an artist is an essential factor when it comes to any artwork. A net artist uses the Internet as their canvas and the computer as their paintbrush. Within my review, I will be answering the questions – how the viewer sees … Read More»

Diversity at the Harn Museum of Art

Harn Diversity Project Today’s society is made up of a variety of different people, cultures, lifestyles, and beliefs. The heterogeneity that exists is what prompts our society to be so creative and innovative. This particular trait can be observed in abundance in the field of art; which can be generally defined as the expression of … Read More»

Frida Kahlo | Biography

The famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo created the Autorretrato con Mono y Perico painting. This portrait was painted in 1942 and is part of the Contemporary Art from Mexico. The measurements of the painting are 21” x 17”. This is Frida’s self-portrait and she included her dearly loved pets. The spider monkey, named Fulang Chang, … Read More»

The Yellow Book: Textual Condition and Image Cultivation

The Yellow Book: Some Perspectives on Its Textual Condition and Image Cultivation Among the incredible diversity of nineteenth century periodicals, The Yellow Book has long stood out, which is reflected in the continuous scholarly interest. Since the material turn in literary studies in the 1970s, more attention has been paid to the material context of literary objects. … Read More»

Harn Diversity Project

Harn Diversity Project Introduction:  What is diversity? According to the Cambridge Dictionary, diversity is the condition or fact of being different or varied; variety. It is also defined as the mixture of races and religions the make up a group of people. As a person of Hispanic heritage, diversity means a lot to me as … Read More»

Tiziano Vecellio’s The Pieta

  Tiziano Vecellio. Pieta 1575 Page 88 in the Art Appreciation Textbook Gallerie dell’Accademia in Venice   Tiziano Vecellio’s painting of the Titian was known as one of his greatest paintings and it was also one of his last as he died one year after it was finished. The painting was created in 1575 in … Read More»

Gender Experiences and Representations in Facism

Analyse the ways in which gender was thought about, experienced and represented under Fascism. Fascism is defined by Victoria De Grazia as ‘culture of consent’[1] because all levels of society were monitored and controlled.  Mussolini regulated every aspect of people’s lives, including gender and identity of Italians. Teresa de Lauretis has remarked that gender in any … Read More»

Turner and the Evolution of Painting

19th Century Art Turner and the Evolution of Painting JMW Turner, a preeminent English painter whose elevation of landscape painting and technical prowess directed the course of painting in the nineteenth century. The previous statement if read by Turner’s ghost would validate a life intensely focused on honing his craft even if it meant to spite … Read More»

Creating a New Brand for a New Business: Contemporary Art

Creating a New Brand for a New Business: Contemporary Art   Demand for Contemporary Art Currently there is a huge demand for contemporary art today. As stated by Edward Dolman, Chairman and chief executive of Phillips auction house, “they want to be associated with the new and the now” (Nicholls, 2018). The market for the … Read More»

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