Technical Design Report for Selection Criteria of Buildings

You are working as an Architectural Technician for a large design practice and your employer has asked you to produce a ‘technical design report’ to be distributed to new employees. The report is to consider the functional requirements and design selection criteria for different elements of typical residential, industrial and commercial buildings with this report concentrating … Read More»

Critical Regionalism, Interplay and Formalism

Critical regionalism, interplay and formalism This essay discusses the inherently rich means of describing and thinking about architecture seen in Gadamer’s notion of interplay and Frampton’s notion of critical religionism, comparing them briefly to a formalist way of characterising architecture. The phrase ‘critical regionalism’ is not proposed to express the vernacular as this once naturally … Read More»

Sustainable Design in Via Verde

Via Verde is a project that has embodied the progress and innovation of green design and healthy living. The positive impact Via Verde has had on the planet and people roots from the sustainable design and practices that were implemented. Green roofs, rainscreens, and the orientation of the building are some of the many innovations … Read More»

Van Doesburgh’s Open Plan House:Analysis of Elementarist Architecture

De Stijl – Van Doesburg’s Open-plan House A study about Van Doesburgh’s open plan house and the analysis of Elementarist architecture. Title: De Stijl – Van Doesburg’s open-plan house   To begin this essay about ‘Elementarist’ architecture, there should be a clear understanding about where it began. It is a movement pioneered by Theo Van … Read More»

Designing Runway Headings and Length

Runway Headings and Length One of the most important aspects of airport design is the layout, orientation, and length of runways. In most cases, these are dictated by prevailing winds, available space, and runway required for operation of specific aircraft. However, where freedom is allowed, good, flexible runway planning can pay dividends for an airport … Read More»

Role of Culture in Promoting Architectural Identity

Culture is“the complex of distinctive attainments, beliefs, traditions [which establish] the background of [a] racial, religious, or social group” (Kenney, 1994). “Architecture is the art and science of making sure that our cities and buildings actually fit with the way we want to live our lives: the process of manifesting our society into our physical world.” (Bjarke … Read More»

Spaces of Consumerism: Airports

Introduction   I will be discussing the consumer culture in reference to the different spaces of consumption of Stansted Airport and its only terminal, along with the consumer experience it provides. In particular, I will be focussing on the consumer journey from the Duty Free shop into the main departure lounge in their terminal and … Read More»

Are Architectural Manifestos Important?

Do you think that Architectural Manifestos are useful tools for Architecture? Why or why not? Be specific. Architectural manifestos are public declarations that are created in order to have a specific intention and opinion about a certain issue within architecture, that the writer wants to tackle. Manifestos can be seen useful or not useful by, … Read More»

How Does the Schröder House Relate to Its Cultural Context?

How does the Schröder House relate to its cultural context? “The greatest change that architecture has gone through in recent times has been its liberation, its separation from the plastic dimension… Architecture becomes an environment and nothing more. The result is that architecture has become less weighty, but at the same time much more functional … Read More»

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